Our family-owned nursery has been in operation for over 25 years on the beautiful island of O`ahu, Hawai`i. We grow our orchids under shadecloth and the island weather is perfect for growing dozens of varieties including grammatophylum, cattleya, miltonia, oncidium, vanda, dendrobium, Philippine orchids, and more. We carry many signature varieties that are only available through our nursery.

We specialize in selling orchids at wholesale. Whether you own a nursery, florist, operate a flower brokerage, or are an avid orchid collector, we have many varieties, colors, and species to meet your needs and your passion for beautiful Hawaiian orchids. Please call for pricing and availability.


Seedlings (2-inch pot)
Blooming Potted Plants
(4-inch up to 6-inch pot,
12-inch to 24-inch high)
Community Pots
Cut Flower Varieties
Gift Packages
Vandaceous Types
Reed-Stem Epidendrum
Miltassia / Oncidium